For My birthday is on Dec

by Daniel (Orlando Florida USA)

My mom passed away on Sept 14th Im an only child, not close to her family single for 5 yrs now. I requested off for my birthday as Ill turn 42, recent yrs Ive celebrated in private dont want people ruining it in public as they can be unpredictable, Christmas, New Years and moms birthday January 11th also around the corner.Mom and grandmom will be there in spirit they both would wish me happy birthday money, card, cake and dinner. Im solo this year mom passed 3 months ago, grandmom 5 yrs ago. Ive been misunderstood my entire life never got much sympathy from family or outside world it hurts.I have wish for death not suicidal but welcome homicide, accident and natural cause.In school kids teased me because their birthdays came before mines, rubbing it in my face they were older than me by months.Mom wasnt too sympathetic on this nor were most people I discussed this with. Only 1 person my old friend Valerie born on Feb 23rd showed me sympathy on this. We got into talking birthdays and she said hers was Feb 23rd and she asked mines I said December 9th and she goes dont it seem like it take forever for your birthday to come and I said yes. Everyone else said insensitive remarks oh cheer up at least you wont turn another year older til end of the year, grow up, stop crying, no sympathy, your birthday does not matter just another day. Mom Im sorry but theres not a thing I can do about it, I cant change it. Valerie couldnt either still she empathized and showed sympathy something the rest failed to do.

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