for michelle

by Jared J Mayoral ()

My girlfriend Michelle is in the Marine Corps and is currently trying to get stationed in Japan with me. She has requested her orders get switched with another person who is willing to switch orders with her. God has blessed us with the opportunity of this possibly happening where we can both have the adventure of a lifetime, as we want to become engaged soon and become married in the eyes of God. I am requesting prayers that the person in charge of switching her orders does so and she gets to come with me Japan for three years. Let it be God’s will that not only Michelle gets to go to Japan, but as well as our friend Ashley Lent who is trying to also get stationed with her husband in Japan. Keep in your prayers as well Marine A Lance Corporal Alicea who is the guy who was so willing to switch orders with Michelle that he may get what he wants also to stay in the states as Michelle takes his spot. I pray that God outdoes himself in his generosity and blesses us not just with this but much more. With complete faith he will hear our prayers we pray amen. Thank you

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