For me,so that I may handle this year and pass successfully

by AC (United Kingdom)

Dear Lord, i pray that You may look after me in the upcoming exam results that I am about to receive. I have been blessed with good fortunes, good family and a really good life, and I thank You for that.

I have been struggling with bar school since last year. With Your Grace, I have been given another chance. This is the final chance that I have taken and I pray that you may see me through. I am doing well with my Masters, and I graciously thank You for that. All I really want is to get through this year and get called to the Bar. I promise you, my Lord, that upon obtaining the right to be a barrister in England, I will dedicate myself to more humanitarian work with the skills that You have blessed me with.

Please see me through this times of darkness, nervousness and stress. Please bless me so that I may pass my bar exams.I place my entire fate in Your hands.

Please pray for me. In the name of Jesus, and the Lord, Amen.

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