For major financial assistance

by Debbie (Madison)

I look at all these prayers Jesus & then feel tremendous guilt when I ask for my financial help. I know I screwed up over the past many years, & you know I’ve been correcting my problems & trying desperately to crawl out of this hole. I have lost nearly everything, the house is finally going to be foreclosed o, do I file for bankruptcy?. I know this can be a new beginning for me & my son, but while I struggle to pay off this debt I have no money for rent or the other bills as electic & water. I can’t continue to travel from place to place with this wonderful easy-going son (14) & have him struggle through school when this should be one of the exciting parts of his young life. He watches me cry when yet another prayer goes unanswered. My faith has dwindled to even smaller then a mustard seed if that is possible. I looked at the prayers I have used as a guide & have noticed it has been over 9 months without anything positive. I don’t know how much more failure I can take. Creditors are getting tired of waiting. We just want to be able to have our own small forever home to have a stable life for my son & so I have a place to spend the rest of my days. Is it so much to ask???

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