For love and marriage

by Soni ()

Dear well wishers in Jesus name,
I am in love with this man whom I have been dating since July this year. He was a dream come true. A very simple, sincere and down to earth guy that I had been waiting all these years. He cared much ever since we talked and in August he had some exams so we kind of distanced for a bit. After that he seemed like a very ignorant guy. He always told me that his financial conditions are not good and talks about our differences. Apart from that everything was smooth. I am not sure why he is behaving distant and rude. Now since September we are in a long distance relationship but still it was not that bad and talked regularly. He seems very irritated these days and is very short tempered. I have always tried being patient, shown him how much I care and have even sacrificed much but I seriously feel there is something that is disturbing him or has been worrying him. He doesn’t seem like the same anymore. Please help us. I would want him to be the same guy that I so fell in love with when we talked for the first time. Please help us balance it out and work it out. Please save this relationship. He talked about marriage and all as well but these days he does not even care to talk or text. Please pray for us. It hurts so bad because I know the importance of good relationships and I have always worked hard on saving relationships. I so hope he is not keeping me as an option. He said rude things few days back that hurt me. I hope it is not witchcraft. If it is, then please help us curb it. He has his relationship status on Facebook as ‘Single’ and when I talked about it he actually seemed very rude. I hope he changes it and as well as becomes like earlier. He used to tell me he misses me but these days he doesn’t say it at all. Forgive me if I have done anything to hurt him. He hurt me at times and I always forgave. Please help us and pray for us. This is all I ask. I shall wait for his text and call. Let peace prevail on this earth. Thanking you so much. Bliss. Amen.

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