For Hope of Love

by Joyce Sabio (Philippines)

Holy Spirit dwell in our hearts of Watie Murrell Alberty IV fill it with love, hope, and faith. Touch our minds with your wisdom for us to be guided and be enlightened. Sacred Heart of Jesus let your sacred precious blood flow in our hearts for our hearts and soul be healed and let the love grow and glow in our hearts and be the love will lead us back together again. God the Father, Holy Spirit and Lord Jesus Christ I trust you, I believe in you, I have faith in you and I love you. I believe you brought us here me and Watie. We were born to be together but right now we are in separate lives but I have faith that love will lead us back together because I faith that love is God and love is kind, pure, true and endure everything. I have faith in you my God that you will guide us together. I believe you hear me and answer me because I believe You are a loving father and merciful father. I faith in the power of your hands and words, nothing is impossible and miracles happen. Open our hearts and minds, bless us, guide us, lead us together again. I faith prayers can move mountains and love moves mysteriously. I faith my prayers be heard and be granted through you son Jesus, the way, the life, and truth. Amen.

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