For her to find jesus

by Mac ()

Jesús let my ex get control of her life and find out she needs you more than she needs money or anything else. We have both hurt each other so bad but she can only talk about what I did. I have forgiven her and love her with all my heart the past 3 weeks Ive found there is nothing I can do but give my love to you and let you handle the situation. We are not directly talking ( she is stubborn) all im asking is that you be with her and open her heart and help her realize she cant go on living in sin. Please in someway guide her to reach out to you and realize she needs to put your first.
She is a good woman with a big heart who has had a hard life she thinks she has to do everything for everybody please show her she can only do so much.
Im not asking for reconcilation im asking you to put in a place she realizes her life needs changing.
Just be with her right now lord reach her and guide her in the right direction.
Yea I love her and want her back in my life but Jesús has shown me I need to pray for her and let him help her the way he has helped me.
I know she believes in jesus so right now I show her my love by trusting jesus.
Her ñame is Veronica please pray for her

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