For Healing of My Husband

by Mary (Philippines)

Please help me pray for my husband Ferdinand that the Lord will take away the pain, anger and hatred from his mind and heart, that the Lord will totally heal him from these pain, anger and hatred he has for me.

Please help me pray that the Lord will touch his mind and heart and heal him replacing all negative elements therein with love, joy, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance and humility. May the Lord make him a husband full of love, humility and understanding. May the Lord take away vengeance from his heart and mind. May the Lord touch him that he would come to totally love, accept and respect me as his wife; that he would love our sons and desire only what is best for them. Please help me pray that the Lord will help us grow in love with each other more and more each day, taking away and replacing all the negative feelings we have for each other.

That the pain and gap we are having right now will be filled and replaced with love and affection for each other. Let no other person, events and past experiences ever affect us again, let no past hurts and pains hunt us again.

That we may be able to overcome all pains and remorse and learn to accept and forgive each other totally forgetting and leaving the past behind for a new beginning and a happy family in the future. Please help me pray that my husband will never leave me and my sons again and that he will love us more than ever before.