For healing and strength to endure personal problem

by Katie (TN)

Please pray for me as I was recently diagnosed with melanoma and will have surgery for its removal. Before I have the surgery I have to see an oncologist to see if chemo or other treatment will be needed as well. While I have been worrying about that- I am also going thru problems with my husband. He owns a business and has been borrowing money against our home and had someone else sign my name, I have hopefully put an end to that but now he is withholding money knowing I have no job or income and will have to pay doctor bills, Even without chemo, I have to pay the deductible before an insurance which is 2000.00, Please pray that God will heal me from all cancer and that He will show me how to get thru this struggle with my husband., And finally that with or without my husband, I will be happy. Thanks to all who pray for and with me,