for guidance & peace within one’s heart & ability to do one’s task without fear

Lord God, I pray for my daughter. Please lead her to the right path. Give her strength to go on and to do her tasks without fear. Remove the feeling of tiredness & being alone and helpless when she is in a tight situation. Help her to be strong, as sometimes i cannot be her source of strength as i also get angry with what she’s doing. Help her Lord, in her studies. let her not feel that it’s a burden on her part to go on and be in the Dean’s List. & if ever it’s too much for her to remain in the Dean’s List please help her Lord, so that she will not feel obligated to do so. You know the desire of my heart, Oh, Lord, but if it will compromise the physical & mental well-being of my child then please help me & her tatay to understand her. Please help my daughter to trust You more, dear Jesus. Shower her with Your blessings dear Lord. Engulf her with your mantle of protection, Mama Mary. Thank you for everything You have showered & is showering us….

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