For Gods Will

by David leija ()

I ask from my fellow brothers and sisters plz pray to our Father in heaven and our Lord king Jesus to guide my thoughts, prayers, dreams, soul, mind, body, mouth, heart, spirit, desires, and hope That it may be the Lords not mine… I wanna do His will not mine!!! What he wants me to believe in.. to lead me!! I need ur help Jesus.. Help me!!! Ik it says don’t ask for signs Jesus but I’m asking plz show me a clear sign what You want me to do and believe in!!! I need To know Jesus… guide me plz Jesus… thank you my Lord I will always follow you!! In Jesus name amen!!! Thank you guys for praying for me also!!! God bless you all…!!! P.s Lord I believe your signs about Jade. I love her she Loves me let us work out for the Good to glorify you!! May things work out according to your will!! If not let me let her go!!! In your mighty Name Jesus amen!!!’n

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