for gods bleesings and healings in my life by christmas 2016

by Selena (United States)

I pray with all my heart as I’m doing a fast for 30 days this month .that out heavenly father God will heal my ears I have 80%hearing loss in both ears . mixed hearing loss . tinnitus . and permanent. Nurve damage I’m 48 years old femail . that want to be able to hear a pin drop . graduate. From school . and go to . bible college…. I’m also asking that our Lord Jesus will bless me with. A loving Christian Spanish man with HAZEL. Green. Eyes . for Christmas.. So we can marry bye next year that loves the Lord with all his heart and that will fall in love with me forever. And like to be fit and work out with me . I’ve also been with out my own home since January 2016. And I pray to have a car this year …oh Jesus please bless me this year my Lord . I’m praying . for your blessings .this year .I want a nice apartment like I had a ramble wood .with an indoor pool.and exercising room . and my income to increase from 3000.00 A month . so I can have my. 1 or 2 bedroom apt and a car. Oh Jesus .please help me . . by Christmas that my loving. Husband will find me one that loves to be fit and work out with me go out on the boat have cook outs and fellow shipping . with Christian FRIENDS and more . I pray for all my family members to go back to church and do the will of God . . I love the Lord with all my heart . I cry for him . and never want to be with out him . I ask all this for Christmas In Jesus preashious. Holy name. Amen …and amen ….ps I’m also prayen to locate a couple old friends by the names of Virginia Gonzales she has 4 kids by the name of Ricky . Karen .Reyna.. Andrew . my other FRIENDS I did have .as were not in talking terms name is Yolanda santibanez I pray that the 2 girls and my self. Will become friends again this year. And I pray for all of you as well happy holidays and merry Christmas. And happy new years God bless you all and always. And thank you for your prayers from ms s.m

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