For God to remove the hurt, pain and division in my family.

Father, God, Almighty Father, I come with a heavy heart. Lord if you lift my family up right now. Lord, we are expecting our first grand baby, and we are all overjoyed, but it were a bitter-sweet moment for our family, when it were announced by our youngest daughter, cause you already now the situation with my oldest and her desire to have a child. This seems to have formed and caused division in my family. My youngest were upset that the news were not received in the manner she thought that how we should of had reacted. Lord, you know our hearts and we all were feeling happy but also concerned about my other daughter and what she has been through trying to conceive. It wasn’t to take nothing from my daughter’s announcement it just felt bittersweet for all us. Lord, please heal the hurt, the pain, remove the division that’s breaking our family apart right now. The entire family is so happy, praying for healthy mother and child, we need become a whole family and a full circled family again; loving, praying, encouraging, embracing each other, but mostly forgiveness! Help us to get through our difficulties now and the future. Let us forgive one another, even we don’t always agree with each other. Bless us Lord. Lord, I know nothing is too little or small for you. My God, bring my family back full circle, in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour! Amen.

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