For God to protect my daughter and children from her abusive ex-husband

by Barbara ()

Please pray for my daughter and grandchildren. Her ex-husband is emotionally, verbally and mentally abusive to her and their children. He constantly asks the children if they love him, if they want to live with him instead of their mother, and when they answer yes and say they want to live with both he badgers them with “are you telling me the truth??” Eve is 8 1/2, Arjun is almost 7. They come home after weekends with him very stressed. Now he has remarried to a woman he physically assaulted 3 years after physically assaulting my daughter and is moving out of state to where his new wife lives! And of course he is expecting to have them all summer and then sme holidays… He has “completed” his abuse classes TWICE but still texts my daughter horrible things and threats, especially how if she doesn’t talk to him or agree with the things he says, she will not know ANYTHING about what happens when the children are “with him.” She is done with his threats; there is no amount of co-parenting possible, no settling or agreeing with him. She is fighting back and will go to court to protect these precious children from him. He thinks he is god almighty and he will treat them as he wants. He has already had to have supervised visits for two long terms, which happened after each assault. The children fortunately have not had to see him or spend much time with him unsupervised due to his own actions since 2015 and again in 2018. He resents the supervision, an intrusion into “his” parenting and discipline, so he did not take the opportunity to see them the second time for most of the last two years. Please pray that the judge will see the truth and require he can only have visits that are supervised and no overnight visits. His new wife has lost custody of her own two children because of things that happened with my ex-son-in-law when they started living together in 2016! She chose him over her own children! We do not feel she can be trusted (due to her past behaviour) to report abuse if/when it happens again, and it is just a matter of time and he WILL abuse again. He currently is unemployed, after losing an excellent job due to his police record of two domestic violence assaults and bad credit collections filed on a six-figure salary! Then he and his then-girlfriend/now-wife both filed bankruptcy! He got his child support reduced to practically nothing, which he knew would hurt my daughter… I am sorry to write so much, but this is about so much that really needed to be explained. I have had a heart attack through the stress of this happening to my daughter and grandchildren, and I also went to counseling for rage I had never before felt in my life. We were raised a Christian loving family, and this abuse and evil was unknown to us. I just ask for prayers that God protect and cover my family from the evil of this man and open the eyes of the judge to the evil this man is. Thank you

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