for for forgiveness, love, peace & strength in our relationship

by Susan (Alhambra, Ca Usa)

Dear lord,

i come to you with everything i have, help me with this heavy pain in my heart. I’m in a relationship with by best friend, partner, and i know we are not all perfect, but we have been struggling for over a year now, & my partner can not find work. He finally gets a job offer & not more than 2 days in it he’s called in because of a bad report from his background check. Something that happened 7 years ago…& it keeps bitting him in the rear. This has been holding him back from other jobs he lost. When will this end. I pray to the Lord & ask for your forgiveness for everything he & i have done bad in our lives & give us a fresh start so we can move forward. He has been told from his empolyer he has until the 14th of this month before he knows what his fate is. I pray to the Lord in Jesus name please let him keep this job.Forgives us of our sins and give us a second chance. We just want to do the right thing and be good to the Lord & to all. I pray in Jesus name that he does not get fired from this job, please hear our prayer, bring us peace, love, work, and strength to move forward. I pray all these things in Jesus name. Amen