For Dear Ponce, and all Young Men searching for God’s help

by Olivia (Irwindale, CA USA)

My dear and beloved Lord, my God & Saviour,

First of all, thank you for all of your graces, blessings and answered prayers. Thank you for your continued protection and infinite sea of mercy.
I ask Lord, that you guide “Ponce” my son’s good friend. Please give him guidance, Father. Please increase his Faith, Trust and Love for you. Let him not drown his sorrows in drink but drown himself in your Love and protection. Let him hear your call, touch his heart and renew his faith.

Agape is written on his arm for he is a believer – strengthen that Faith. Please send your mighty angels to protect him from harm, evil and temptation. Send him on his way with Your mighty armor. Please guide & protect all of the Young Men and Women in our nation and world, especially those associated with my own children.

Forgive them for their offenses and guide them to you always. I love you, Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You. Love, Olivia H.

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