for curse to be broken

by Louise Yearwood (United Kingdom)

dear lord i known that you are god and their is none like you terrible things are happening in our family, dear lord i find it very burdensome. It makes me very sad, i do belive in you dear god and you have always been their for me. You have never leave nor forsaken me you are the same god yesterday and today. I must admitt at times i feel so scared and alone. please give me the strenght to trust you at all times,althougt things are happening i know you are the god that take care of your people, iknow that no demon from the pit of hell can over come us your children. Father i am asking you please to help me to stop complaining but learn to love, and do good one to another, and praise your holy name. Also to count my blessing one by, father as you call me into your vinyard show me my callings. I am always praying this i will never stop doing.thank you for your grace and mercies,and for loving me. in jessus name.

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