For being unemployed for two and half months due to delay in Visa


Dear Lord.. You know what is my requirement and nothing is hidden from you. I am unemployed lord for more than two months now and my financial state is also not in good position

I am a big sinner, I have sinned in my thoughts and deeds I wholeheartedly admit my sins and commit for not doing it again.

I know you are a living Lord and you are a forgiving God, you came to the world to save me from my sins please save me my father.

I know you love me as written in the scriptures you punish those whom you love. It is also written in the scriptures whatever is asked with faith and trust it will be given.

I am totally down o heavenly father my soul is in distress my lord. My heart is crying and want you to do a miracle.

If anything can happen is only your miracle so that I can be a testimony to many.

Lord God I plead to you I beg you I fall at your feet for asking you to listen to my request as I know the help comes from above and no one else can help me except your might and power

Let your might work on the heart of all those who are dealing my file. Let them process my visa in this week and let me hear a good news lord. I will be a testimony for all my lord.

I thank You for listening to my plea! To You alone be all honour and glory. In the sweet name of Jesus I pray.Amen.

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