For a turnaround in my life and to help my family

by Lisa (East Point)

Father God

Please help me find a stable, permanent, full time job with an understanding boss, supervisor and nice employees one that I will love and will be eager to go to everyday. I have been out of work since February this year and I need to work. Everyday I search and search for something suitable to apply for.I am getting desperate and more and more depressed everyday.I need to utilize my office assistant/ customer service skills to help support my family.

Send me to your angels for employment and help me when I get through to an interview not to be nervous but to shine and show the person that I am the right candidate for the position.

At the moment every place I write to a door keeps getting slammed in my face..but I am taking that in a positive light that you don’t want me to be employed at these places as they are not right for me.

Please also help me find a safe,caring, nurturing, reasonably priced day care center for my 7 month old and 3 year old children.
Because of their ages I cannot work on weekends as I have no one to care for them on Saturdays and Sundays.

Help my fiance to get the job he interviewed for last week,,I pray they call him tomorrow with a job offer as we are in dire financial difficulties and desperately need the money.

Right now both children are sick and my left wrist is hurting from since August this year and we don’t have the money for medical attention nor treatment.

Keep angels with my children at all times protecting and guiding them.

Plus we have to pay rent amongst other outstanding bills to be paid.

I am not the best prayer but I hope you hear and understand what I said.

In your precious and loving name


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