For a peaceful and Niobe rapid death for Del my beloved husband

by Chris (Surrey Englanf)

Del has had a larangectomy ’15 months ago due to threat cancer, he has had dilation to enable him to eat food, but one caused a tear in his osophagus,the result was an abcess in his spine cause ng paralysis. He has been like this for 8 weeks, he was expected to die, but survivied. I was greatly looking forward to him come Ming home to be cared for but this last week has the nvlved mch suffering, he has now got fluid n his brain and is almost all nice ncious most of the things me he wakes up and is unaware of his surroundings. I’ve always prayed for his salvation he is a unbeliever but has never been an athiest we have brought our son up as a Christian h has al aye respected my faith his son fferungs are many I pray that Jesus will be merciful and take him to heaven as soon as possible .my heart is broken I am bereft my sorrow is great I love my husband and want him to be the Lord pls pls ask j sis for Mercy . And also for myself Thankyou for your prayers lve and concern regads. Chris c