For a husband

by Katherine (Chicago)

Dear friends in prayer, thank you for praying for me through this medium. I am so grateful for your support. For over five years now, I have prayed to God for the blessing of a husband and children in my life. I have prayed at church, through novenas to saints and to our lady, and through the rosary. I am now approaching an age where it will become difficult for me to have children. And I am also at an age where having an answer to this request is even more important. I have always felt called to the married life and to motherhood. This has always been at the forefront of my goals. I am continuing to pray with even greater fervor for an answer to this prayer, for an answer from God that will be complete, awesome, final and good. Please, join me in this prayer, please ask God to send me a good husband and at least two children from my own flesh and blood. Please ask God not to delay or wait any longer to answer this prayer, but to hear and answer me now. Amen.

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