For a heart to reopen

by Lori P. (N.C.)

Oh holy father I pray so very deeply and with upmost humbleness that you will receive this prayer. Oh holy father I pray for you to open A’s heart to me once more and that he will feel safe and secure to do so without any fear things for us will turn out bad.

I pray holy father that his heart can soften towards reaching out to me for the sake of the first step towards the restoration of our friendship and towards a better relationship that we have.

I ask most humbly for your forgiveness of the transgressions and strife I brought to him as I did not understand myself or how to be a good woman for a good man but now thanks and glory be to you, I am learning these things and know how to not make many of the mistakes I made in the past that helped ruin our relationship.

I come into pray to you in this forum so that others can help me and share in your praises. My prayer is that he contacts me. With the blessing of this prayer being answered may he and I go forth to share the news love and your love! for you are the one and only! the forever God of love, may your showers reconnect he and I in your holy name.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

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