For a change in my situation

Dear Father,

I feel so broken, so sad, so alone…I have tried for so long but nothing works for me, it always ends up blowing up in my face. Father I ask why me, why you turned away from me. Everything in my life is crumbling and I don’t have the strength to pick up the pieces anymore. I am so tired of feeling this way father, I am so tired of all the pain, all the heartache, life is not worth living if it is only to be filled with such sadness such heaviness of heart and I can’t understand why you stay silent oh my God. Rise up Lord and take control of my situation, I know that you see me, you hear me and you know what I am going through because your word says so. So please do not be silent anymore Lord, do not stand by and watch as I gradually wither away like a flower in the desert, instead rise up oh Lord and answer my prayer, rise up Lord and change my story, give me these things that I ask of you and Lord I will be forever grateful and mindful of your help and I will praise your name all the days of my life. In all Lord let your will be done, and give me the strength to accept it.