by Ashley (Illinois)

Lord I come to you humbly to ask forgiveness for all I have done to my bf. I have went behind his back and was saying bad things about him and I did the same to his mother who was giving me food and welcomed me in her home. My bf loves me but I struggle with loving him because I don’t have your love in my father. I do not think I am born again and believe in my heart about you. I have lost being close to you. I suffer with a lot of pain, unforgiveness, heartbreaks, sin I have done to people and myself, self hatred, sickness, selfishness and other things on the list. I need help with and I do not know what to do anymore. I do not obey my mother at all. I am disrespectful towards her and I have a attitude problem. I lie about things and I hide from my problem. God I need some help. I need counseling too. It cost money where I want to go but I have deep rooted issues I need help with.I pray God you can help me. I have lust issues too. Listening to secular music. I am not saved Jesus please forgive me. In Jesus Name Amen

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