Finding work so I can find my direction once again

by Chris (Florida)

Lord, I come to you with all that I am, seeking your goodness and understanding. Though my wife and I are just fine financially, I can feel her sense of love and respect for me dwindling as each day passes. My wife is a very successful executive here in Central Florida, and I have been out of work for over 16 months – since the company that I worked for closed its doors in July of 2013.

Frustration set in for me about 12 months into my job search, and I’ve just recently started to think more positive again, praying and coming to you on a daily basis, and I so desire for you, Lord, to show me or move me in the right direction. I realize that it is all about your will, and I want my life and work to follow the path of your will. Please help me find that path Oh God, by opening those doors that will lead me in the right direction.

Please continue to help those in need to find work, especially those that are destitute or being forced to vacate their homes or those having to move in with friends or family.

I trust you God, and I know your mercy is forthcoming to those who are faithful and patient. Amen.

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