Finding our new home in our location of desire.

by Angela (Hawkins Bar, CA, USA)

My prayer is that we located that perfect-fit home for our beautiful family of 7 kids the have come from a place of heaven, that we are not ready to leave. That we still have property enough to run and play, bring our pets and be close to our faucets of interest and closeness to our network of support family and friends. We divinely desire the house in Bonsall, Fallbrook and surrounding areas.

That we find a Landlord willing to work with us over the deposits and “bad credit”. That is understanding and yet exciting for such gentle children to come and grace this new home, with open arms. A wonderful relationship with our landlords and a long term lease. Enough supplemental income and cash assistance to cover all the bills while, I rekindle my mommy spirit and find a way to support these kids independently. Smooth transitioning and beautiful solid furnishings to arrive simply, after our move. Employment possibilities as soon as we secure the home. A wonderful scholastic opportunity for our children. All danger and jurisdictional interference to be cast away from our family and myself.


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