Finding and Understanding True Love

by Miguel (Florida)

God, thank you for your mercy and for everything you’ve given me. I am beyond blessed. My heart is troubled though lord. I recently left an almost 5 year relationship because I felt that my needs weren’t being met. This separation hurt me deep because I loved her and she was an amazing person to me. Please heal both our hearts as we were very important parts of each other’s lives. After our separation lord, I met a woman who has also been very good to me. She’s been there for me through difficult times. We’ve made some mistakes together. Please forgive us lord. While dating this new woman, I came across another woman that has invaded my thoughts and feelings. I’ve found myself wanting to be closer to this woman, and going out of my way to do so. She also is in a relationship. God, please give me the strength to let go of this woman because it’s not fair to the girl I’m dating and to he boyfriend. Help me understand my feelings and control my thoughts. I’ve been having anxiety when I see this girl and think about her. Please give me wisdom and strength lord to avoid temptation and to let go and let you. You know my needs and who is the right woman for me. I love you my lord.