Find your way to me and accept this relationship with me. I love you.

by Anne (Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines)

My Heavenly Father God,

Today,I’m praying to YOU for the man whom I love for he is now in another country which is far from my own. He and I have different culture and belief because we live in different countries (Japan and the Philippines).

Before we have this understanding, he said to me that he was not ready for a relationship even though he likes me.

My Father God, I am selfish because my heart is yearning for him to open his heart and accept having a relationship with me (for this selfishness I beg for forgiveness).

I am praying to you, My Father, that he may find his way to me and have a relationship with me that is full of love with your guidance.

This is all I ask, in Jesus’ name, I pray..Amen..

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