find peace

by eann (Pa)

I am asking for prayers to see clearly and follow God’s plan. C O’s gambling has caused me sadness and is the reason I have high blood pressure behind my eyes. His gambling causes him to be short on cash for every holiday and he tells me. I am tired of his gambling ruining holidays and I would rather him handle this and not share his gambling with me. Asking God to reveal to CO that it is mean to burden me with the gambling when he has no intention of doing anything about it. Asking for prayers that CO figures out what makes him happy. I am asking God that I don’t react to when he tells me he loses 1,400.00 dollars. Asking God to remove all resentment I feel and asking God to remind me to do no more buying clothes, items for apartment, tickets, cabin rentals, etc. At the beginning of the relationship I thought he was having a hard time with finances and that JO caused him to be set back. I wanted to help him and make him feel special. But if a person has 1,400.00 dollars to spend in a casino he is not poor and I should not compensate by spending my money. CO is not going to cause any chaos in my life with his gambling. The next time he tells he loses I am telling him that “he must have an endless bank account. ” Asking God to give CO the knowledge that I am on it … that him not wanting to talk on the phone and his gambling frees me up to pursue other things. Asking for prayers that because of CO gambling that I am more determined to set my goal and achieve it. AMEN

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