Financial Troubles


Dear Lord,

It’s been a year since my last real job. I cannot find work in my field and I am making it from month to month by your grace. I’ve gone on many an interview but still no deliverance. I have health issues and no benefits, I have car troubles and no means to fix them. At times I have to travel accross two counties by train just to make it to work. Father I ask that you bless me. I am alone in this home with almost every kind of trouble. However, I do thank you and ask you to continually keep me safe. Help me to land a position in North Fl close to my love. At least then I would be financially ok and close to someone I love. Please father help me… I am just barely making it from month to month father. Please help me… release these financial burdens and bring me closer to someone who loves me. I thank you for listening to my prayers…

In your precious name I pray father… and to the most High God I pray… in Jesus name.


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