Financial strength and best business practice to succeed

by Naomi (HI USA)

Search Jesus,

Thank you very much for loving us and never leaving nor forsaking us . Our small business is being shaken with the buyers buying from larger distributors, due to better sales coverage, and service, complying business software, and pricing Brokerage rep soliciting our business to other larger distributors. . We just had 2 retail sales people leave, so we have less coverage. 3 retail people are around 60 or older that have their share of problems.we only have those 3 plus one more to cover whole state of Hawaii and all classses of sales trade. Big financial burden of inventory payables and receivables are half the amount the rest in inventory. Please Father God, allow us your divine directions and intervention to turn the business around by better business management, best employees with good health, dedication and honesty. Allow us to hear and obey you. As you are the only way! We thank you for your grace, protection, and mercy against all who seek to take away our business, and we welcome your holy spirit and anointing over my husband , family ,and employees to be one with you, and to receive your favor and blessings for success in our business in every facet. In Jesus precious name, we love you Father, Amen

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