Financial Security Needed for Older Grand Mother Struggling to Perservere and Remain Strong

by Ella (Dallas Texas)

Dear God, You know what my needs are. You know what I have given to my children and grand children to help them. You know where my finances are as a result. You know that I work hard, I have great faith in You and in Your Promises.

Please, in Jesus name, pour an abundance of Your favor and prosperity over me NOW when you know I need it the most. Father God, You know my struggles and health issues. You know what I need. You and You alone are the only way for me to sustain.

I thank You, God for every single breath of air, every blade of grass and every single rain drop and blessing You bedtowe on my life. I strive to be a good steward over all that You have allowed me to do, have and share.

I ask this in YOUR Sweet, Precious and Holy Name, oh Lord. Amen!

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