Financial prayers and prayers for relief from my burdens

by Julian (Bakersfield, CA)

Sorry for the millionth novel prayer, but these last few years need specific prayers for myself and those going through difficult times.

I’m going through really bad financial troubles and super stressed and worried. Please, pray for me to make a ridiculous amount of money at my jobs as Uber, Lyft, an notary, able to fix my car and sell it for a high dollar as soon as possible or someone buy the car as is for a high dollar amount and not try to give it back (totally works just don’t want to deal it), not be in any more auto accidents, and for a huge check to be already processed, in the mail, safe travels for us all, not worried or stressed over money or like lose our hair, and cashed without any complications today! Please, pray for favor over me, protection, give off good vibes only, purity, peace, and all spiritual storms or warfare end against me and my loved ones now and forever. May the Lord just search my heart and give me the wants and hopes of my heart that aren’t sinful cause my heart is prone to sinning. May the Lord hear, answer yes in my favor, and sustain these blessings forever and may we not have to go they spiritual storms, trials, or anything like that to attain them cause it’s already so overwhelming. Thank you sooo much!!!