Financial Prayer, I’m in need of $2000 by Monday

Dear Lord,

I come before you humbly in the name of Jesus to first ask for forgiveness and then to give you Thanks. A woman after your heart, but make many wrong decisions. I’m desperate, exhausted, and just need divine intervention. I know that you can do all things but fail and I know that heaven is my home, but right now God here on Earth I need money. Your word says money is a defense, it also says it answers many things.

I admit I’ve made some wrong choices and haven’t been a good steward, but here I am crying out to you for help like you’ve told us to do. Ask and you shall receive. I’m asking for intervention, I’m in need of $2000 by Monday, will you do it for me. I’m seeking you Father and Knocking at your heart. Pouring out my soul. I’ve cried and cried till it like I can’t cry anymore. There has to be a way for you to turn this around for me. Lord I praise you, I worship and thank you. I magnify your Holy Name. Most of all I Love you. Thank you for blessings in Jesus Name , Amen.

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