Financial Prayer and also for Healing

by Sandra (Trinidad)

St.Joseph I pray that you continue to be my family’s protector in our every footstep as you continue to bind my two children continously.

I ask that you continue to empower us thru his graces in their educational field and in obtaining a job as the case of one at this present time and an increase in salary Lord , you know that an increase has not been given for the last five years and Lord only you know how we have are still all making out.

I plead that your blessings befall us in my request for the betterment and comfort of us. I also pray for healing for all the sick and shut ins who are unable to get to a church to get their blessings and to share the body and blood of our Father the one and only The Supreme Lord Jesus Christ.

I love you lord and will continue to trust, obey and believe in you. I also give thanks for my daughter who continues to excel in her educational career. Praise be to God. Amen Amen

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