Financial Money Prayer

by Hailey (Valley Stream New York , United States 11581)

Dear our father ,

i am praying to you because my family is in deep need of money my mom has just found out we have to pay 500 dollars and up for rent because of my little brother since he gets special needs money they cut off social service paying rent , we just lost my grandpa burried on the 15th Of Feburary and we couldnt be there for him becuase we dont have money to catch a plane to jamaica , my mom cried for days because his death was very awful , my gasping for air and instesd of my cousin and or aunt watching him they burnt his belongings and never called us ever since…My name is Hailey Anacacy i am 14 years old writing to u so that u can atleast us some money , we are in desperate need. In jesus name Amen!.

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