Financial Miracle

by Anonymous (Home, La)

Dear Lord,

Several months ago I took in my niece kids without consulting my husband. This situation is causing us a financial burden and is driving a wedge in our lives. I know that you said if you do something for someone do it from the heart and soul…and don’t keep speaking about it. I am worried about my husband since I no longer work and everything falls on him and things aren’t going well at his job due to of all things racism he has been with this company for over 30 years and keep getting pass over for promotion after promotion…I feel awful because once I got sick he is stuck because he didn’t want me to go without insurance due to pre existing conditions! I repay him by bringing in some ungrateful and disrespectful kids whom just don’t understand that I can’t see them on the street and through all of this my husband keeps telling me to let them go cause they have no respect for me and fight me I was jumped by a 12 and 13 year old I have Sarcoidosis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and my muscle mass is weak. He is afraid for me and my health and I am afraid of what this is doing to us financially. I have not been able to get my meds in 2 months and have missed several of my doctors appointment due to having her 3 year old and he doesn’t listen and I have to sit for about an hour and half with a needle in my arm and can’t run behind him and have told her time after time about my appointments well in advance, but to no avail does she come get him. She says she’s going to help with the extra money that our bills have gone up. This has yet to happen. God I am coming to you and giving these troubles we are going through to work out as you see fit….IN JESUS NAME I PRAY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY AS WELL AS EVERYONE ELSE IN NEED OF YOUR HELP AND PRAYERS!

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