Financial Miracle for Debts

by Priscilla ()


I humble myself before you for I am nothing but filthy rages. You bless my footsteps each day but yet I continue to allow myself to be ensnared in the financial trap of Satan. I make poor choices day after day. I beg for your abundant love, mercy and compassion. Please do not allow Satan to take what you have so graciously given to me. I commit all everything and every situation to you. You word is truth and my plans will succeed as long as you are in control of them. I can do all things thru Christ Jesus who strengthens me. My poor financial choice do not just effect my life but also the life of my family members who do not deserve what I have sown. Once again I stand before you in shame and I beg for the forgiveness of my sins. Please give me favor in though I have made mistakes. Please do not allow the enemy to keep what remains of the flames of hell that Satan sent to destroy my home. Lord I thank you now and I speak financial prosperity to heal my life and the lives that I have effected. Your word says faith as small as a mustard seed you shall make grow. Speak those things you cannot not see as if they exist. I bind the greed of the enemy who has came to devour, steal and destroy….Thank you Lord Jesus!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!!