Financial Miracle for Business Success and Spiritual and Personal Growth

by Karen (VA)

Please join me in prayer for God to open the doors I need opened and close the doors that I need closed. I have a small business and I am praying that God will prosper me and my business and send customers to my shop to purchase items. I am praying that God will send at least 15 customer to me each day and that each customer will purchase at least $100.00 worth of items from me at my shop increasing my sales to $1,500.00 per day so I can sow 10% of the sales into the kingdom of God.

I am praying that I will be a Godly representative of Jesus Christ and that each and every person that enters into my shop be touch with the love of Christ Jesus and leave my shop a different person than he or she was before entering my shop. I pray that each item I sell be a blessing to those that purchase them and that I provide Godly service to each and every one of my customers.

I pray that God will provide me with the funds I need to operate my shop and that he will bless me with the money to purchase land so I can build my own building. I pray that God will prosper me so that I can be a blessing to others. I pray that The Holy Spirit will guide me in all of my ways (personal and business) and direct my steps.

I submit my prayers according the word of God in Luke 11:9 and Matthew 7:7 and Mark 11:24 in the precious name of Jesus…Amen!

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  1. praying for you and your business

    God Is Good All The Time. He will grant you your needs for your business. I will pray on your behalf. Be blessed.

  2. praying for you and your business

    God Is Good All The Time. He will grant you your needs for your business. I will pray on your behalf. Be blessed.

  3. New Business and its success

    I am beginning with a new business in kochi,kerala of ladies dress material and sarees but this place is new to me and I hardly know some people. Lord help me to have lots of customers to come to my place and purchase the material because my entire family have worked a lot for this success. Bless us to have a great success and prosperity in this business so that I can proclaim your wonderful love for me and my family . My family is in need of financial help and we hope a lot from this business. Bless me lord and let every customer who walks in be happy and blessed with the products they purchase from me. With all hope and love. Praise be to Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  4. prayer for business

    pls god help me to get my business on top.
    i have started my business in 2013 but till now we have not sale our product up to the mark. pls help me to grow my business….thank u jesus. Amen…

  5. Business

    my lord jesus as you about deekshith financial status o lord bless him that he gets a successful business and succesful financial life my lord.yes lord its you and only you u can do miracles in anyones life o lord.Be with me o lord guide him and bless him in all the succesful possible ways o lord.
    In jesus precious name i pray Amen.

  6. husband to get sucess in his work

    please pray for my husband tht he gets success in his business he may get lot of orders and commission in his work..
    from past 6 months there is no profit in business
    we both need urgent prayers lord please save our marriage

  7. Business

    PLEASE help pray with me for my business to gain more customers and to prosper.

  8. Please help me God

    I am dealing with three business deals and i pray to my Lord Almighty to make it successful as this deal will bring lives into many people.I believe in only one God and till my last breath will serve my heavenly father.This business deal is my only way for life my father in heaven and i stringky believe that there is no other power than my God Almighty who can make it successful.I love you my God and i live for you.please help me my heavenly appa.

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