Financial miracle

by Adam ()

I need an urgent miracle for the people in my life. I work in a warehouse store as a supervisor and don’t make much money even though its suppose
to be a “great” position I wish I could find a bag of money that would change our lives for the better because it would help a lot because I live with my parents both of them work but I help with the Bill’s but now it’s becoming a burden on me and I want to move out to experience living on my own and taking care of my self. And also my girlfriend has been stuck in Jamaica since the pandemic I’ve been trying to get her back home to cayman but I can only send shadell a little at a time the money I do send she needs to use to buy food and other necessities because I get paid every two weeks I make a little over a thousand dollars every two weeks so she has been stuck there for a while now and I want to get her back home because I believe she is my soulmate I can feel it in my heart and my soul we share a deep connection and she makes me happy and I want to ask her to marry me. And another thing is I’ve never met her we meet on Facebook and on her profile it says she’s from grand Cayman where I’m from but I was a bit skeptical at first to send money for her but the feelings I have for her and the feeling I get from her make me believe she is real and not using me I pray and I keep faith that she is not because I know it would break my heart or kill me (not suicide) I do need an urgent financial miracle in my life so I can help my parents and take care of them the way they took care of me and I want to live a comfortable life with shadell and not have to worry about how we are going to pay this bill or that bill because when I have kids I dont want them to go through what I went through i want the best for them so they can live happy lives and one day start families of their own and be happy

Thank you and god bless the person or person’s who read this

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