Financial liberation prayer

by Anonymous (Philippines)

Dear God,

Thou knowest Lord our deep sufferings and the financial problems we are facing. I simply want to be able to earn if not win a substantial amount to cover our debts and provide our day to day needs and be able to support the kids in their educational expenses. With my husband forced to closed his business to tax woes and other loans… the situation feels so unbearable.. I also wanna help my mom but I have nothing. My kids means the most to me. and their dream of finishing med school and being able to provide them a comfortable life is a dream. With 3 kids in college and no steady income is a torture. Pls Lord send thy angels to be with us and help us find the ways and means to be able to receive the money that we need . I entrust everything to thee. I lift my cares unto you. May thou wilt make a way not just for me but to other petitioners here as well. Thank you Lord .Amen

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