Financial Justice Prayer

by David (New Jersey)

Dear Lord God Almighty Creator Of Heaven and of Earth. Please bestow upon all who seek your blessings financial support, removal of debt, new employment or other forms of financial relief.

May you Lord most high send the Holy Spirit to the minds and hearts of our Judicial representatives so that they may be inspired to deny foreclosure proceedings on those victimized by abhorrent and usuary mortgage banking scams.

My your Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ deliver his justice by the intercession of the saints to dismantle the fraudulent and greedy institutions that have been deemed to big to fail and in doing so dismiss all debts owed to them and restore the balance of power to the people fromwhomthey have lorded over with high interest rates, fees, fines and other methods designed to keep citizens working until they die broken, beaten and demoralized.

May Our Mother Holy Mary care for those who have lost their way during these stress laden times. May she restore them to physical, emotional and spiritual well being. may they be inspired to seek forgiveness of their sins through the sacrament of penance and may their families be restored as Is pleasing to God the father.

May all of these things begin to happen quickly and may hope be restored to the world. May there be cautious and reverent celebrations and may we begin to care for eachother, live within our means and demand honest dealings from our institutions from this day forward.

May we find our ways back to God and may we through evil and sin away and be protected from temptations by the power of Jesus Christ our lord and savior, redeemer of us all who has conquered death so that we may live a new live I heaven forever.

May the peace of Christ and the power of his sacrifice transform the world yet again as it do so many years ago.