Financial issues and my studies

My mother and I have been suffering from financial difficulties and we are living with my aunt. We need to move out and own our own home so we can be away from our family because the family threatens to take me away from my mother just because I am homeschooled. I am a helpless 13 year old girl and I pray for Jesus to protect me from this terrible family. Please pray for me and my mother that our lives will get better and that we will have enough money to buy a nice home for us to dwell in.

I also have a second request that I do better in my studies. I have always been an A and B student but I really want to excell in school because I want to become a Radiologist. I already pray for this, but I think I could use a bit of support.

I can already feel Jesus blessing me and my mother so I am thankful for that. Thank you!

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