Financial help to come real soon and free me of very bad , mood altering Depression

by Tina (Bethlehem ,PA)

Please intercede on my behalf for help with my finances .I have always worked very hard for many years however my pay has not improved over the years and I budget my little money and only buy necessary things. I am 65 years old and have always seem to be leading a life of financial struggle even though I have always worked hard . My pay has been low and I was passed over for many good paying jobs even though I went back to college fo more schooling which has left me in bigger debt with no better earning power, I am so Depressed and I really need a financial of good size to pay some of these bills please help me to receive a truly non selfish financial blessing . I know I will share my financial blessing with someone in need because I know what this pain of very little money feels like.,please send my a huge finacial blessing that meets all of my financial needs so that I can live a pretty happy life and not be depressed day after day even though I pray to the Lord and our Heavenly father.

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