by Austen (Asaba, Delta, Nigeria)

Almighty JEHOVAH i want to thank you firstly for your provisions in my life. I will be the first to admit that i have made some mistakes about how i managed the financial resources you have provided in the past and for this Father i say that i am sorry.

Now Father my Wedding is just 4 weeks away and i have exhausted all the monies that i have yet there are still much to be done… I desperately need your help and supernatural financial intervention NOW.

I do not know how you will do it but i do know that you can. The places and businesses that i have hoped on have been disappointing but i know that you can fix things up.
For that contract that we are waiting for the MOU to be signed and mobilization money to be paid, i also lift up to you now that your will be done.
I am desperate father and i vow to make a donation for the upkeep of this website once you have given me this breakthrough.