Financial help and out of controlled daughter

by Dorothy (Akron Ohio)

Dear Prayer team could you please pray for immediate help with the problems I am facing my husband died on December 5 since then I have been having serious problems the oxford insurance company is still trying to decide whether to pay the coverage we paid for, the landlord is raising my rent after five years of living here and paying the rent on time I have been so depressed behind this I would like prayer so I can get enough money to pay off all my bills buy a house and a reliable car.I would also like prayer so that my 18 year old daughter who has a two year old would stop running the street staying away from the house for days at a time drinking smoking lying and stealing disrespecting me and not caring for her child.I would like prayer so that my life will be less stressful and the depression will go away please pray for me and my family please thank you very much.

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