Financial Help and Marriage

by Eric (Derby, Uk)

Dear Lord

I come to you at this time of the day seeking your help with my finances as
well trying to work on getting married.

I believe that you have something planned for me Lord. Please show me a way as I am lost and really need your help Lord.

I know I have not been truly faithful, Please forgive me O Lord.

I ask that you bless everyone around me and touch my In-Laws O Lord.

Only you would I understand how I truly feel. I am lost and not welcome at al as you know, but I kindly ask that you help me in this situation as I love the woman in my life. I believe she came you Lord. Please help me have strength not to be tempted to start fornicating. I kindly ask that you show me a way on how to deal with this situation. My desires are to be financially fine and have a wife.

Please help O Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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