Financial, Health and Peace of Mind Help Please

by Kim (Rochester, MN, Olmsted)

Dear Lord

First off, I am on disability and do not have much income and get by the best I can. I have a girlfriend who is Japanese and she has a few problems I would like you to really help her with most of all.
First, I think she is Bi-Polar and OCD but she won’t admit this and if I say something she gets really mad and her mood gets bad and she gets really cruel. I can put up with the OCD, but the moods and her getting cruel and talking about her past relationship and family would really be nice fi that could stop.
Second, she has 2 dogs that she loves but she gets upset with and then that roles over towards me. She keeps promising me she will get them new homes which would make our life much easier, financially plus she feeds them food which I buy for us which I can’t afford to do. This would be another blessing in disguise the dogs had new homes.
Last, She met her husband on the internet 9 years ago after her parents passed and she came here. The last few years she was abused and neglected and that’s where I stepped in. She’s been with me now since December 2016 and we are trying to get her divorce finalized. What I would like to do is take here back to Tokyo and see if we would find her only brother and get them together for a reunion but it will cost about $10,000, which I don’t have. She has no family her in the US, she only has a brother and sister-in-law as far as I know. This would be cool to male happen.
These are 3 miracles I would love to happen, I believe in miracles, just have never had any happen to me. Hoping for a first time and hope all three can happen.

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