Financial Healing enough to pay student loan


First of all I Thank You for this day.
Second Lord, Thank You for letting me attend school and finish my education.
You know Lord, I went back to school so that I could finish up and too able to serve you better.
However, I did not anticipate that I would get laid off nor did I anticipate I would still be unemployed after I graduated.
Please Lord let that perfect career opportunity that fits my skill set, experience and expertise come quick.
Also please let my husband receive that big promotion or a new opportunity come to him too.

Lord I am not asking for much just enough to help pay the student loan and the foundation of our home that DESPERATELY needs repairing.

I promise you lord after this occurs, I will be forever grateful to you for this financial healing and ask no more except to shout out loud, Have Faith because FAITH will heal you.
Through Christ our Good Lord,

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