financial hardships and overcoming fear

by Christina ()

Dear God ,
Now matter how hard I try to make it right with my money, I always ending up getting robbed , or end up having to pay or try to save up for the things I desperately need, I have been struggling in the streets and can’t seem to get a job or try to make any $$ cause I don’t have the courage or confidence or I don’t know what I’m good at or no one taught how to hustle the right now or been fair , the fear the people put in me when I come outside from my RV and looks at me like I’m nothing makes me get anxiety cause I sometimes feel like I’m not Good enough or helpless, I pray and pray that you help me financially , recently somebody had stole$$ from me everything I had left that I barley get oh please help me lord I don’t know how to say it but u see everything and I desperately need to learn how to survive cause all I do is take risks and don’t analyze it bfor I make a mistake again , I need a break from this I want to enjoy my life like the rest of ppl Everytime they go out with there friends or a couple gets to go out for a treat or when you want to give a bday gift for your mom,and treat myself some nice things to get know me for who I am…, is all those things that I truly dream of when in reality I’m really trying and no one sees it I don’t have no money and it keeps bringing me down and all these debts I have that I never know of on my credit? It’s so over whelming and I don’t want to make it about $$ but we need it and I just want to enjoy 😥 of course the right way !! My bf needs hisnhelp

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